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Thirty year-old fashion designer/jewelry maker Francine enjoys her dual Canadian/American citizenship and the opportunity it afforded her of growing up in Gainesville, Florida while spending her summers with her extended family in Vancouver, B.C.

From a European (Dutch) and Canadian family of artists, painters, sculptors, goldsmiths, architects, and film makers, Francine has been sewing and making jewelry since the age of five, and designing her own fashions since age 7. Francine's creative inspiration originated from watching her Dutch grandmother sew beautiful dresses and her Canadian goldsmith aunt create award-winning jewelry in her shop in Vancouver. Amazingly, at age 10, Francine won an international sewing contest from “Sew Young So Fun” and received an award of a professional quality Husquavarna sewing and embroidery machine from her business sponsor, A-1 Sewing. Designing and making dresses and gowns, weaving, and jewelry are among her primary talents. Her satisfied customers love the original designs, perfect workmanship, and timely productions. Francine is fascinated with the natural beauty of stones, cloth textures, and loves turning them into wearable art.

Francine completed her AA degree with Honors, in Fine Arts, and an ASN & BSN nursing degrees. Always busy, when she does have spare time she enjoys listening to various rock music, spending time with friends, and being in a creative space. 

Precocious and immensely talented, Francine, at age 18, was the youngest designer ever to present her fashion line at Gainesville Fashion week 2011 (runway show), a venue she's returned to for four years to overwhelming acclaim. She's also presented her fashion line on runway shows in Orlando (Southern Women's Conference 2012), Chattanooga Fashion Week (2013), and New York Latin Fashion Week in Manhattan (Fall 2014). Francine also designs and fabricates her own jewelry line, using natural semi precious gem stones, silver, gold-fill and other pure metals, and beads of all kinds. Often her fashion designs benefit from her jewelry skills, as she incorporates intricate patterning and beadwork into her dresses.

Francine uses a variety of fabrics, from simple stretch cottons to silks and luxurious materials, (sometimes including intricate patterning and beadwork). Dresses and outfits are stunning, yet practical, offering very fine clothing with clean, modern lines and a hip yet feminine vibe. You will only find quality materials in her work put together with a vision and care.

Francine Elizabeth Designs Fashion Show 2012 

Francine Elizabeth Designs Fashion Show 2013

Francine Elizabeth Designs Fashion Show 2014 

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